Kaylee's Story

Kaylee Keller is an independent award winning Nashville recording artist, singer songwriter, worship leader, inspirational public speaker, digital marketing specialist, and an actress!


In a whirlwind of seven years, she's released three albums. First being her Simply Sweet EP, her debut album Diamond and the latest Rubies, along with many catchy singles. Her music has received many awards, television and radio features. She's opened for artists such as; Josh Wilson, Jerrod Neimann, Craig Campbell, Joe Diffie, Sam Riggs, and many others. Alongside live performances and interviews with media outlets such as FOX News Channel, CCM Magazine, WSM radio, Christian Television Network- Bridges, FOX Extra, iHeart Radio, CelebSecrets, FOX411, ABC, WMEG TV, TCN Bridges, and Simply Grace Magazine.

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In a current culture of image shaming and identity crisis, Kaylee shines a beautiful light through the window of self confidence and self love, a message desperately needed by a growing generation. Her bright, punchy soprano voice fluidly moves through several genres including pop, christian and country. Her broad range keeps her music fresh and allows every listener to find a track that fits their musical preference.

Kaylee's award winning title track Diamond, is one of the fan favorites and encompasses her goals with her music. "Diamonds are one of the most precious jewels. They are rare, beautiful and highly prized. However, they are nothing compared to our value in God’s eyes" - Kaylee says. This Biblical truth continues to inspire her to write music to remind her listeners that their highly prized, no matter the situation they maybe going through.

All of Kaylee's music is filled with powerful messages about love, worth, relationships, and advice. Leaving her listeners empowered and encouraged to face life's many trials.

Kaylee’s number one goal; empowering young women and men to embrace their true identity in Christ. To see their inner beauty, know their value and worth, live out their purpose, and to reflect the Kingdom of Heaven in all they do.

Kaylee also brings these messages to elementary, middle, and high school students across the country. Performing and speaking at events, churches, school assemblies, concerts, fundraisers, etc...