Public Speaking

An Overcomer: Kaylee is a voice for her generation, speaking from personal experience as someone who's been dealt her fair share of setbacks but triumphed. Not all that long ago, the entertainer was relentlessly bullied and harassed in school and while those years cast some long shadows, she found her purpose from it! Now she uses her story to help other dreamers use their trials to fuel and find their purpose as well. 

As her career in music ascended, she's incorporated motivational speaking into the mix, vulnerably sharing her story and strategies for moving on with elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as speaking at conferences, churches, and events.


A Crossroad Not a Dead end: Kaylee encourages students to use life's trials to find their own, original purpose, and to have the courage to move forward at life’s crossroads, rather than letting hardship force them to a dead end. In her SHINE presentation, Kaylee shares strategies for being more than a conqueror, no matter the difficulty … because the fires of life create diamonds in us all. 



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