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(For a Day!)

Are you up for the Challenge?

Heres the rules...

1. Pick 1 day out of the week where you will digitally detox yourself and not check your social media pages.

2. Challenge yourself to go on a new adventure, practice a hobby, or maybe even write a song ;)

3. Take a picture of yourself during your "unplug" day, feeling refreshed and encouraged!

4. WAIT till the next day to post your picture on your social pages, and use the hashtag #unplug to encourage others to take a day break too. 

Kaylee and her team will re-post and comment on their favorite "unplug" posts! So keep an eye out!

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"Finding quiet moments are incredibly important. It's in these moments that we are our most innovative and creative. We are free from interruptions and distractions, allowing us to focus on the task at hand. It gives us an opportunity for self-reflection, which as leaders we should always be doing." - Jared Kligerman

Kaylee believes in taking one whole day to "unplug" from all social media. Its in these unplugged moments that you can digitally detox, renew your mind, and rid of stresses. Push yourself to participate in activities and hobbies that you wouldn't get to do otherwise! 

Social media can easily turn from a blessing to a battlefield. Pictures and posts can turn from a tool that we get to communicate with others from around the world, to a tool that allows us to compare ourself to others around the world. Making us feel bad about ourselves and give us the stress and anxiety that we aren't enough. All just big fat lies that easily influence our lives. 

"Unplug" for a day, allows you to focus on you. Do something empowering. Self reflect. Set new goals and pick up new hobbiesCombat these negative or anxious feelings by reminding yourself that you are valuable. You are enough. That you have a purpose and others need you to be your best! Are you up for the challenge?