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"With acoustic driven melodies and steel guitar solos, Keller brings out her hometown country roots on her latest EP “Rubies.” Her opening track, ‘Nowhere America’ claims that the “heart of a small town is what dreams are made of.” Keller slows the tempo down and pulls at your heart strings with her soft vocals and warm violin solos in her ballads “Let Your Love” and “What I Believe.”

Then right when you start to get comfortable, Keller spices things up with distinct electric guitar solos, clap along beats, and sassy lyrics in her tracks “Get Back Up and ‘Taking Out The Trash’.

Overall Kellers music is a reflection of her inner strength, strong moral values, and reflects her desire to send a strong positive message to her listeners. Keller is a jolt to the system- in the best way”

- LA Music Critic Review

The Rubies EP

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The Diamond EP

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