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Book Feature: Neats Interviews With The EXTRAORDINARY: Christian Artist's Passion for Christ

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Everyone has gifts. Everyone is good at something. God has graciously blessed us all with a special talent unique from anyone else. When anyone uses such abilities for the Kingdom of God, it touches His heart profoundly. Each of these extraordinary artists has chosen to use their blessed gift to glorify the Lord. It’s all about their passion for Christ. As you read each interview, you discover their skills, their achievements, but it reveals something even magnificent. You learn of their struggles and how they persisted in their devotion to the service of God regardless of their hardships. Through such unselfish sacrifice, commitment and service, they are doing the contrary and turning the world upside down through such remarkable talents. Come, journey with me and meet these extraordinary artists. They will encourage you and minister to your heart, mind, and soul. We’ll explore such questions as; What inspired you to start the Foundation? What is the story behind the songs? Tell us about your journey to becoming a composer, writer, singer, talk-show host. You’ll even learn personal concern on issues like depression, bullying, even adoption. And what lead to their path to Christianity.

Kaylee Keller's interview with Vernita Simmons fills a chapter of this book.

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