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Rising Country Star Kaylee Keller Premieres “Nowhere America” at Fox News


Country music newcomer Kaylee Keller stormed into New York City last week to promote her upcoming 5-song EP, RUBIES, which will be available everywhere on October 20.

Her media blitz includes FOX411 Country, Celeb Secrets, Celeb Secrets Country, Simple Grace Magazine, The Daily Shuffle and three live performances for FOX Extra, airing nationwide on FOX Affiliates and internationally on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.

"This song really just captures who I am as a person," Kaylee told FOX411. "[My co-writer and I wrote about] our home roots and what we grew up with and our core values and the values of America [and said], 'Let's capture that in a song.'"

At just 20, the Kansas-based singer-songwriter caught the attention of The Mariah Fund - a private Kansas non-profit foundation that is the largest funding organization for tourism and heritage projects in Western Kansas. The Mariah Fund named Kaylee their Ambassador and partnered with her to produce the music video for her original song "Nowhere America.” At a time when there is so much divisiveness in our nation, "Nowhere America" celebrates the things that still make our country an amazing place to live.

"I love traveling. I love being in New York, I always feel like a million bucks here because it’s the big city,” said Kaylee to FOX411. "But at the end of the day, I’m a Kansas Girl."

RUBIES Track Listing: 1. Nowhere America 2. Let Your Love “Runaway With Me" 3. You’re My Broken Compass 4. Taking Out The Trash 5. What I Believe

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