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Interview: Huffington Post (Celeb Secrets Country)

Kaylee Keller Reveals the True Meaning Behind Each Song Off “Rubies” EP

January 14, 2018

Kaylee Keller is the true definition of America’s sweetheart. With love for her hometown in Kansas and her faith, the 20-year-old country songstress is making statements with her new EP Rubies that features six songs that have some powerful messages behind them.

“Rubies is my third EP that I have written and helped produce, but its the second one that is released to the public. It has a very pop country feel to it and I think that makes it really unique,” Keller told CS Country exclusively. “It was a lot of fun to make and I feel like as you progress as a person, your music gets more intricate. I feel like this record is really capturing where I am right now in my life and everything that’s going on. There’s been some hardships, but in a humorous way of how God’s delivered me from those and continues to open doors.”

CS Country met up with Keller during her recent trip to New York City where she explained Rubies track by track. The record is definitely a must-listen and you can hear it for yourself below. Spotify:

Track 1 – Nowhere America

“‘Nowhere America’ is about who I am as a person. It’s about loving American and your hometown, kind of like the roots of who I am. I travelled the world — which I’m blessed to do — but I’m always a hometown girl at heart.

Track 2 – Let Your Love “Run Away with Me”

This song is about my love for music. It’s just kind of that lovey dovey song because I’m such a sucker for a good love story anyway.

Track 3 – Get Back Up

This song is about when people knock us down, whether its haters online or bullies in school. I’ve gone through bullying, so this song is kind of saying ‘you can knock me down all you want but I’m going to get back up.’ And now that’s rooted from purpose. I have a purpose. So you can knock me down all you want, but my purpose is going to continue. My self-worth is going to make me get back up each time. That’s the message that I constantly encourage.

Track 4 – You’re My Broken Compass

‘You’re My Broken Compass’ is about being in a wishy-washy situation — like one day things are hot and the next they are cold. I specifically wrote this about being in a relationship, but it can also be about your career being great one minute and not so good the next. You feel stuck and don’t know what to do. You acknowledge that and move forward; we don’t need to feel like we’re broken compasses. We’ll just continue to pick a direction and God’s the direction that we choose to pick.

Track 5 – Taking out the Trash

‘Taking out the Trash’ almost didn’t make the cut, but it’s such a fun song. I was writing it with my co-writers and they were like ‘you know we were talking about how edgy we were going to make this song, so you have to put it on the EP.’ We were having a blast writing this thing, but we’re not trying to tell people that they’re trash, because everyone is a ruby. With this song, I’m trying to promote that we sometimes put ourselves in trashy situations, we are in a trashy situation around us, or we’ve made a lot of past mistakes and we tend to carry them around each day like a bag of garbage. This song is just like you’re taking out the trash out of your life and you’re calling that thing in your life a plate of scraps. When I say it that way, it’s really fun. I also sing this at schools when I perform and they LOVE this song!

Track 6 – What I Believe

This song is one of the most important songs on the EP with ‘Nowhere America.’ It talks about my faith in God, my journey of what faith is, and my journey of learning what forgiveness is. My line is ‘the golden rule still adds up to ten things’ and the number one rule in my life is Christ. The golden rule for my life is living a life like Christ and it’s what I believe, so that’s the way the song goes.

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