Listen: Kaylee Interviews with My Faith Radio's "On The Road"

Kaylee Keller is not just another great voice. The youthful recording artist from Kansas has gained wide acclaim for her newest EP and her recent live performance on FoxNews. But behind the catchy tunes are some pretty special realities. For one thing, Kaylee’s songs are designed to inspire and lift her listeners up. For another, she refuses to compromise her faith for opportunities that might advance her career.

“The entertainment industry tells you, you can be anything you want to be. Do anything you want to do. Everybody’s accepted. No matter what. But I notice that when I come in with my Christian faith, or just my morals – such as I’m not going to take my clothes off to sell records, I’m not going to write sexual innuendos or about drinking – it’s funny how much controversy that brings!”

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