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Magazine: Lov3rz Magazine (Interview & Cover Photo)

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Article by Kellie Leigh

July 2016 Publication

Kaylee Keller #Lov3rz Magazine Feature:

"You are a diamond!" That is the message that independent songstress Kaylee Keller has for young people in today's world. This positive message is what drives the passion behind her music. Kaylee is an 18 year old singer, songwriter, and actress from Garden City, Kansas. Kaylee is out to deliver, not only catchy pop tunes, but also a powerful message of hope and confidence to her listeners.

Her debut EP Diamond has been out for less than a few months and is quickly gaining attention by listeners all across the world by charting #1 on the international Twitter Top 5, #1 on Twitter Top 40, #1 on (DRT) Independent Pop Top 20 Chart, and winning praises, interviews, blogs, international radio play, and features from major sites like Kings of A&R. Her bright, punchy voice is often compared to Elli Goulding, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift, and fluidly moves through several genres including pop, christian and country. Her title track, “Diamond,” neatly packages her life’s purpose into one perfectly wrapped anthem. “Lift your head up high ‘cause you're beautiful,” lyrics co-written by the combo of herself, her mom and Nashville based Grammy nominee, Jeff Pardo.

“Having started her own business at age 9, she is cut from a different rug than the average pop singer,” - Kings of A&R. Kaylee with the help of her mother, started working at a young age in order to save up money so when the time was right, she could pursue her dreams, so she danced & sang thru her younger years and performed wherever and whenever she could.

Kaylee graduated high school two years early and started working towards her career. During that time, she branched out through a Christian based talent showcase called AMTC and it wasn’t long before she was recognized by a top talent scout in New York City. Through this connection, Kaylee was set up with a record label and handed over to a prestigious development team. Through this relationship, Kaylee was able to collaborate with “who’s who” list of music industry professionals who have guided Kaylee’s efforts into the EP, Diamond.

Amidst all of her music success, Kaylee has no plans to slow down! She has already been asked to collaborate with The Vinyljackers, who were awarded “Netherlands Best Producers of 2015.” Their single “V.I.P Remix” will be released this month. They are also known all across the world for their unique and catchy “future house” music. Listen to the song on Spotify!

In addition to her work with The Vinyljackers, Kaylee has also been working closely with international country music star and radio host, Rusty Rierson. Rusty and Kaylee can often be found fishing and playing at his family farm and singing duets together across the state of Kansas. Keep an eye out for their new duet song “Christmas In Your Arms” by Alabama in the upcoming Garden City Christmas CD. Listen to the song on Spotify!

Kaylee shared, “I am so blessed to be where I am at today and I look forward to continuing to write music that is encouraging, inspiring, and motivating for all of my listeners across the world. I am so thankful for their continued support.”

Kaylee ended by saying, “Diamonds are the most precious jewels. They are rare, beautiful and highly prized. However, they are nothing compared to our value in God’s eyes. My song, Diamond, shares that message of how each and every one of us is beautiful and one of a kind made in the image of God.”

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